Claudia Schwab

Originally Styrian fiddler, singer and composer Claudia Schwab accidentally emigrated to Ireland in 2005 to learn some Irish traditional tunes. In her newly found second home of Sligo, she was lucky to meet musicians like Rodney Lancashire, Paul McMahon, Seamus Hernon, Sheila and Seamie O’Dowd, Cathy Jordan and Brian McDonagh (Dervish) whom she learned tunes off and played sessions with for the following few years, becoming deeply immersed in the town’s vibrant Irish traditional music scene. After her first trip to India in 2008, which initiated her studies of North Indian Classical Music and the writing of her own music, she moved to Cork where she completed her BA in music and psychology at UCC in 2012 (first class honours), followed by a sponsored masters degree in ethnomusicology in 2013 (first class honours). In 2012 Claudia returned to Sligo, where she currently is based. Claudia has performed on numerous recordings and collaborated with a range of cross-genre artists both established and emerging. She has published two CD’s of original work in 2014 (“Amber Sands”) and 2017 (“Attic Mornings”). More recently she has been commissioned to write for the National Concert Hall- Sounding the Feminists Commissioning Scheme 2019 and has been awarded the „Next Generation Bursary Award“ from the Irish Arts Council.