Early bird registration: until 15th of June 2019
Late registration: until 18th of August 2019 (fee rises by 30 €)
Last minute registration: after 19th of August (fee rises by 30 €, cash on site only)

Full-time (same class): 170 €
Full-time (different classes): 200 €
Part-time: 100 €
Trad for Kids: 80 €
Barbecue (per person): 10 €

If you have missed the registration period,  contact the organisers so we can check if there are available spaces. Please do not make any money transfers after August 19th.

When you pay by transfer please indicate briefly what you are paying for, in particular if you pay for more than one person (e.g. Pipes, Fiddle, Guitar, 3 BBQ), thank you very much!

Bank account:
Payee:  Trad Folk Musik
IBAN:  AT03 1400 0013 1008 9288
Purpose:  Trad Music Workshop 2019

The organisers are in their right to cancel parts of or entire classes as well as refusing registration without giving a reason. In these cases the entire fee will be returned. By registering online the participants approve to their data being stored by the organisers for internal administrative purposes. The organisers commit to treating the data strictly confidential.
Participants are compelled to comply with the house rules of the premises and to follow the instructions of the organisers for the duration of the event.  The participants are responsible for their own insurance cover.

In case of difficulties or questions regarding this registration please contact the organisers: