Uilleann Pipes – Maire Ní Ghrada

This workshop is going to be suitable for intermediate and advanced players. We will look into traditional ornaments and variations, and build on our repertoire.
All beginners please contact the organisers for possible beginner´s classes.

Fiddle – Siobhán Peoples

More info coming soon!

Fiddle – Paul Dangl

More info coming soon!

Flute & Whistle – John Kelly

This class will be suitable for intermediate and advanced players of the Flute and the Tin Whistle in the key of D. You will need to have at least basic skills on your instruments and a rudimentary repertoire in order to benefit from this class. However, there will also be a lot to learn for the advanced players.

Guitar – Kevin Dempsey

The workshop will include: chords and chord extensions, plectrum technique, fingerstyle technique and how to combine the two. Looking at intros and outros. Scales and modes. Accompaniment of songs and tunes.

Song – Kevin Dempsey

Kevin will share samples taken from his abundant repertoire of songs he gathered during his long career as a guitarist and singer.

Ensemble – Albin Paulus

More info coming soon!

Ensemble – Christian Troger

More info coming soon!

Trad For Kids – Daniel Moser

More info coming soon!