Bodhrán – Michaela Haitz

The course is aimed at beginners and advanced students. Everyone who wants to get to know the instrument or would like to have further suggestions for their own playing is very welcome. We discuss different rhythms, accompanying options and also happily other topics brought along.

Ensemble – Albin Paulus

The „Alpine Ensemble“ class will focus on a mainly middle European „finger and ear friendly“ repertoire. Cool riffs for improvisations, call-response-dance-songs, making and playing overtone instruments and some tricks (ornamentation, variations, micro-rhythmics and micro-intonation) for making even the most simple melodies a treasure – those are just a few ideas to have as much musical fun in the Group as possible. All instruments welcome, drone instruments preferably in G, C and D.

Fiddle – Claudia Schwab

Claudia will be sharing some of her favourite fiddle- tunes from around Sligo. Special emphasis will be put on bowing and ornamentation, the fundamental elements causing the dancer’s feet to lift off the ground.

Fiddle – Paul Dangl

The world of marches, strathspeys and reels – rough and wild like the landscape of the Scottish highlands will be the main focus. Typical bowing techniques and ornamentation of this rich tradition will be looked at.

Flute & Whistle – Thomas Blazek

We will learn traditional Irish session tunes in this flute und whistle workshop. On the other hand we will look at technique und focus on breathing, phrasing and ornaments. We can adjust the topics according to the wishes and needs of the group.

Guitar – Christian Troger

This course is about the different ways to accompany common types of traditional tunes (reels, jigs, hornpipes, waltzes, …), different approaches, rhythmic ways and varied play, about recognizing harmonic structures.

Song – Susan Coleman

In this workshop, Susan will cover songs in both the English and Irish language. These will include songs from the sean-nós tradition (old-style Irish singing) and English traditional ballads rooted in the Irish tradition, Scotland and beyond. She will also discuss aspects of history in relation to songs covered whilst also teaching technique and style distinctive of the Irish song tradition.

Trad For Kids – Daniel Moser

In meinem Kurs wird viel getanzt, gesungen, gespielt und vor allem zugehört! Simple Melodien, Bodypercussion, Kreistänze, Cercle Songs und lustige Spiele aus der Welt des Impro-Theaters werden die Zeit wie im Flug vergehen lassen. Ich freue mich auf Euch!

Uilleann Pipes – Simon Pfisterer

This workshop is going to be focused around traditional pieces out of the classic piping repertoire as well as tunes that are not commonly played on the uilleann pipes but suit the instrument and help working on ornamentation and variation. Everyone is welcome who already has experience on the instrument; if enough people are interested, there is also the possibility to work on regulator playing.

You do not have to be able to read sheet music to attend this workshop even though it might be helpful. Bringing a recording device with you is adviced.